2015-11-25 Yunhong JiangMake vfio MSI interrupt be non-threaded. 28/1228/5
2015-11-17 José PekkarinenFix systemd boot. 27/3327/2
2015-11-17 José PekkarinenUpdate the kernel config to match the kernel version... 21/3321/1
2015-11-06 Don DuggerMerge "Add build script for continuous integration"
2015-11-05 David SuAdd build script for continuous integration 69/1269/9
2015-11-03 Don DuggerMerge "Add the opnfv kernel config file"
2015-10-29 Don DuggerMerge "These changes are a raw update to a vanilla...
2015-10-29 Yunhong JiangAdd the opnfv kernel config file 20/1120/9
2015-10-29 Don DuggerMerge "migration: do cleanup operation after completion"
2015-10-19 José PekkarinenThese changes are a raw update to a vanilla kernel... 53/2653/1
2015-10-16 José PekkarinenThese changes comes from the qemu version bugfi... 81/2581/1
2015-10-09 José PekkarinenKernel bump from 4.1.3-rt to 4.1.7-rt. 75/2375/1
2015-09-24 Liang Limigration: do cleanup operation after completion 39/1939/1
2015-09-10 Aric GardnerExample as code, documentation template for sphinx... 95/1495/1
2015-09-01 Yang ZhangAdd qemu 2.4.0 58/1358/1
2015-08-04 Yunhong JiangAdd the rt linux 4.1.3-rt3 as base 19/1119/1
2015-07-13 Don DuggerChange nic-names to kvm 95/995/1
2015-07-10 Aric GardnerAdding .gitreview INFO and License 93/993/1
2015-07-10 Aric GardnerInitial empty repository

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