descriptionArchived Project
ownerGerrit Service User
last changeFri, 13 Oct 2017 22:41:23 +0000 (15:41 -0700)
2017-10-13 rpaikAdded a license metadata line to specify Apache-2 85/45085/1 master
2017-08-09 kong weiMerge "Change PTL info in INFO."
2017-08-09 kong weiMerge "Please vote +1 if you agree this action. Thanks"
2017-08-09 kong weiMerge "support all cluster update option"
2017-04-27 kong weiMerge "The keystoneclient.openstack.common is error...
2017-04-14 kong weiChange PTL info in INFO. 73/33373/2
2017-04-11 Jie HuPlease vote +1 if you agree this action. Thanks 53/33253/1
2017-03-30 liguominsupport all cluster update option 71/32371/8
2017-03-13 kong weiMerge "Jira ESCALATOR-41:get cluster list from installer"
2017-03-11 Jing SunJira ESCALATOR-41:get cluster list from installer 37/29837/14
2017-03-09 kong weiThe keystoneclient.openstack.common is error path of... 83/30183/2
2017-03-06 kong weiThe escalator-api error with 'NO LOG PATH': 21/29821/2
2017-03-06 kong weiMerge "The escalator's port is 19393. The command ...
2017-03-06 kong weiMerge "The code using 'python-escalatorclient' as the...
2017-03-06 kong weiMerge "There is warning message: Option "verbose" from...
2017-03-06 kong weiMerge "cmd can call oslo_i18n.enable_lazy directly."
2 years ago brahmaputra.1.0 brahmaputra.1.0
16 months ago master
3 years ago stable/brahmaputra

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