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last changeFri, 7 Dec 2018 21:18:27 +0000 (13:18 -0800)
2 days ago Trevor BramwellSwitch Builder for Weekly CI Security Scanning 67/65667/1 master
2 days ago Tim RozetCperf: Add missing nova path var 43/65643/1
2 days ago Cedric OllivierMerge "Disable blocking on buildable queue (Functest)"
3 days ago Cédric OllivierDisable blocking on buildable queue (Functest) 37/65637/1
3 days ago Tim RozetCperf: Enable csit live migration 23/65623/1
3 days ago Aric GardnerMerge "Slave.jar renamed to Agent.jar"
3 days ago Martin KlozikAuto: Daily job definition 13/65613/1
4 days ago Tim RozetApex: add missing builders path to trigger 97/65597/1
6 days ago Cédric OllivierTemporarily disable perm (tox) 47/65547/1
6 days ago Tim RozetApex: Fix deployment detecting snapshot type 41/65541/1
7 days ago dongwenjuanremove Daisy installer for doctor test 33/65533/1
11 days ago dongwenjuansupport fuel installer for doctor test 91/65491/1
11 days ago Aric GardnerSlave.jar renamed to Agent.jar 71/65471/1
11 days ago Alexandru Avadanii[fuel] docker: Improve build blocking 61/65461/2
11 days ago Tim RozetApex: Fix CSIT snapshot files path 59/65459/1
11 days ago Fatih DegirmenciMerge "xci: Enable daily baremetal jobs"
14 months ago danube.1.0 danube.1.0
2 years ago colorado.1.0 colorado.1.0
2 years ago brahmaputra.1.0 brahmaputra.1.0
2 years ago test-tag This is me testing adding a tag...
3 years ago arno.2015.2.0 arno.2015.2.0
3 years ago arno.2015.1.0 arno.2015.1.0
2 days ago master

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