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last changeSat, 17 Mar 2018 11:02:15 +0000 (11:02 +0000)
36 hours ago Fatih DegirmenciMerge "xci: Log functest output before failure" master
2 days ago Fatih DegirmenciMerge "jjb: xci: xci-run-functest: Fix functest execution"
2 days ago Aric GardnerMerge "Set Jenkins parameter 'GIT_BASE' for overriding...
2 days ago Markos Chandrasjjb: xci: xci-run-functest: Fix functest execution 13/54013/1
2 days ago Fatih Degirmencixci: Revert change moving prepare-functest to opnfv vm 09/54009/1
2 days ago Fatih DegirmenciMerge "Donot exit if k8s tests fail"
2 days ago Linda WangDonot exit if k8s tests fail 55/53755/2
2 days ago Periyasamy... potential fix for running prepare-functest playbook 67/53967/1
2 days ago Serena FengMerge "[daisy] Fix the blocking rules of daisy daily...
2 days ago Alex Yang[daisy] Fix the blocking rules of daisy daily jobs 49/53949/1
2 days ago Yang Yuonline bottlenecks soak throughtputs 45/53945/1
2 days ago mei meiMerge "Bottlenecks testcase online"
2 days ago mei meiMerge "Change the path of images from pre_config/ to...
2 days ago mei meiMerge "Add a new adapter for containerized Compass...
2 days ago trevortaoSet Jenkins parameter 'GIT_BASE' for overriding the... 25/53925/2
3 days ago Tim RozetMerge "change dovetail CI jobs on Apex"
5 months ago danube.1.0 danube.1.0
17 months ago colorado.1.0 colorado.1.0
2 years ago brahmaputra.1.0 brahmaputra.1.0
2 years ago test-tag This is me testing adding a tag...
2 years ago arno.2015.2.0 arno.2015.2.0
2 years ago arno.2015.1.0 arno.2015.1.0
36 hours ago master

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