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21 hours ago Fatih DegirmenciRevert "container4nfv: Disable jobs until the project... 35/50635/1
27 hours ago dongwenjuanThe '{is-skip-vote}' is always 'true' for the jobs 11/50611/1
3 days ago Fatih DegirmenciMerge "snaps: Disable snaps verify jobs to prevent...
3 days ago Trevor BramwellMerge "Update Pharos Backup Job"
3 days ago Fatih Degirmencisnaps: Disable snaps verify jobs to prevent jobs queuei... 69/49469/2
3 days ago Fatih Degirmencicontainer4nfv: Disable jobs until the project stops... 21/50521/1
3 days ago Aric GardnerMerge "[daisy] Retry if download opnfv.bin failed"
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3 days ago Trevor BramwellFix 'copper' in Gerrit Trigger for Security Scan 87/47887/2
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