ownerGerrit Service User
last changeSun, 16 Jun 2019 13:20:22 +0000 (15:20 +0200)
2 days ago Cédric OllivierDeclare all Functest kubernetes slaves 63/68063/2 master
2 days ago Cédric OllivierMultiply kubernetes configs 62/68062/1
2 days ago Cédric OllivierAdd debug data in functest-kubernetes jjbs 61/68061/1
2 days ago Cédric OllivierRemove sudo in functest-kubernetes jjbs 60/68060/1
4 days ago Cedric OllivierMerge "Update to Hunter"
6 days ago Fatih DegirmenciMerge "Get XCI_FLAVOR as parameter from the commit...
9 days ago mei meiMerge "bugfix: change the path of id_rsa"
10 days ago Cédric OllivierAllow blacklisting tempest tests 20/68020/1
11 days ago Trevor BramwellMerge "Adjust nfvbench build verification"
11 days ago Panagiotis... Get XCI_FLAVOR as parameter from the commit msg 72/67972/5
2019-06-03 Cédric OllivierOverride the right rally blacklists 94/67994/1
2019-05-31 ahothanAdjust nfvbench build verification 82/67982/1
2019-05-30 Michael Polenchuk[functest] Disable block migration for Fuel 75/67975/1
2019-05-24 Aric GardnerFix virtualenv 35/67935/1
2019-05-24 Mark BeierlUpdate to Hunter 29/67929/1
2019-05-24 Cédric OllivierRemove all Functest Gambia jjbs 27/67927/1
20 months ago danube.1.0 danube.1.0
2 years ago colorado.1.0 colorado.1.0
3 years ago brahmaputra.1.0 brahmaputra.1.0
3 years ago test-tag This is me testing adding a tag...
3 years ago arno.2015.2.0 arno.2015.2.0
4 years ago arno.2015.1.0 arno.2015.1.0
2 days ago master

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