ownerGerrit Service User
last changeSun, 17 Jun 2018 13:03:13 +0000 (15:03 +0200)
21 hours ago Cédric OllivierAdd functest-tempest jjbs 39/58639/1 master
22 hours ago Cédric OllivierUpdate FUNCTEST suite and tier names 37/58637/1
2 days ago Cédric OllivierUpdate Functest testcase list 11/58611/2
2 days ago Cédric OllivierRun opnfv/functest-parser in Fraser daily jobs 09/58609/1
2 days ago Cédric OllivierStop running containers in privileged mode 07/58607/1
2 days ago Tim RozetApex: Adds missing nosdn scenarios to daily 05/58605/1
2 days ago Tim RozetMerge "[Dovetail] Increase frequency of Dovetail runs...
3 days ago Morgan RichommeMerge "Remove functest-parser"
3 days ago Cédric OllivierRemove functest-parser 75/58575/1
4 days ago Georg Kunz[Dovetail] Increase frequency of Dovetail runs on Apex 15/58515/1
4 days ago Trevor BramwellMerge "Update repo archive script to handle empty repos"
4 days ago Trevor BramwellMerge "Remove jjb-sandbox as we now have jjb-deploy"
4 days ago Paul VaduvaRemove quotes from PROJECT env 13/58513/2
4 days ago Alexandru Avadanii[auto] Fix missing yaml block marker 11/58511/2
4 days ago Trevor BramwellRemove jjb-sandbox as we now have jjb-deploy 09/58509/1
4 days ago mei meiMerge "jjb/releng: fix compass-container $DOCKERFILE"
8 months ago danube.1.0 danube.1.0
20 months ago colorado.1.0 colorado.1.0
2 years ago brahmaputra.1.0 brahmaputra.1.0
2 years ago test-tag This is me testing adding a tag...
2 years ago arno.2015.2.0 arno.2015.2.0
3 years ago arno.2015.1.0 arno.2015.1.0
21 hours ago master

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