gerrit sequence set - Set new sequence value.


ssh -p <port> <host> gerrit sequence set <NAME> <VALUE>


Gerrit maintains the generation of the next available sequence numbers for account, group and change entities. The sequences are stored as UTF-8 text in a blob pointed to by the refs/sequences/accounts, refs/sequences/groups and refs/sequences/changes refs. Those refs are stored in All-Users and All-Projects git repositories correspondingly.

This command allows to set a new sequence value for those sequences.

The sequence-show command displays current sequence value.


Caller must be a member of the privileged 'Administrators' group.


This command is intended to be used in scripts.



Sequence name to set a new value for. Currently supported values:

  • accounts

  • groups

  • changes


New value for the sequence.


Set a new value for the 'changes' sequence:

$ ssh -p 29418 gerrit sequence set changes 42
The value for the changes sequence was set to 42.